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Wrist Plating

Acu-Loc 2 Wrist Plating System

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® 2 Plating System is a next-generation solution in plating fixation that focuses on complete implant options and a streamlined surgical process. This comprehensive system includes several plate families to give surgeons the freedom to choose between distal or proximal sitting plates, three different plate extension options and fragment specific plating options. The system also includes instrumentation for plate placement and fracture management. 

Acu-Loc 2 Extension Plates

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® 2 Extension Plates are designed to lock to Acu-Loc® 2 Proximal VDR Plates to provide rigid fixation of segmental fractures of the distal radius that extend into the diaphyseal region. The proximal plate end is tapered and the undersurface is designed for limited contact with the bone.


Acu-Loc 2 Standard Volar Distal Radius (VDR) Plates

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® 2 Standard Volar Distal Radius Plates have an optimised design to closely replicate the anatomical contours of the distal radius and assist in restoring its natural geometry. Other optimised features include a lower profile, polished finish which may help minimize soft tissue irritation, and converging ulna screws, additional suture holes, and added K-wire holes for provisional fixation.


Acu-Loc 2 Proximal Volar Distal Radius (VDR) Plates

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® 2 Proximal Volar Distal Radius (VDR) Plates are designed for distal radius fracture and osteotomies, as well as segmented disphyseal fractures. Customisable plate length and width options allow for sizing of varying patient anatomies. In addition, converging ulna screws, suture holes, and K-wire holes have been incorporated to support the volar ulna lip and lunate facet.  The 2.3mm Variable Angle screws can also be used with this plate family.


Distal Radius Fragment Specific Plates

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® Distal Radius Fragment Specific (DRFS) Plates are designed to independently address the fractures of the intermediate and radial columns. The modular nature of the plates, which include the Dorsal Rim Buttress Plate, Dorsal Lunate Plate, Volar Lunate Suture Plate, and Divergent Radial Styloid Plate, allows compression of fracture fragments from multiple directions


Acu-Loc Volar Distal Ulna (VDU) Plates

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® Volar Distal Ulna (VDU) Plates are specifically designed for periarticular fractures of the distal ulna. The anatomic curvature of the left- and right-specific plates are intended to facilitate restoration of the bone’s natural geometry. In addition, plate positioning and converging screw angulation target distal fragments of the ulnar head and neck for more stable fracture fixation.